Cohana, Small Brass Spool, White

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    Size: 1.4" H x 1.3" W x 1.3 " D, holds about 6m of thread

    Japan has a long history of spooling, and among several spools, the large square wooden frame spool that winds the spun thread is called "Odamaki" and has been used for weaving since ancient times. The old-fashioned spool is assembled from 5mm square brass and wrapped with glossy white silk thread.

    The thread winding is done in Takatsuji Seisakusho in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, a famous casting town. The technique has been handed down for 400 years and is widely known as the traditional craft Takaoka copperware, and Takatsuji Seisakusho makes use of that traditional technique to make small Buddhist altars, mainly for homes. With it's high precision and careful finishing polishing technology, it has a dignified appearance.

    MARIMO, a bunch studio in Chikuho City, Fukuoka Prefecture, specializes in small tufts and knots with silk thread applied to the bobbin. The beautiful finish that is rolled up by hand is extraordinary craftsmanship. There is a notch to insert the end of the thread, so you can rewind it with your favorite! It can be used as a spool, a pen rest, and a paper or pattern weight. It's small but mighty!